Irfan Arif

  1. Irfan Arif

Designation: Partner, Commercial

Email Address:

Phone Number: +44 (0) 203 925 2341

Irfan is an experienced commercial Solicitor, he has undertaken a range of work within in-house, private practice for clients and multinational businesses based in Europe, Middle East and North Africa region. 

Past clients and transactions include asset financing and acquisitions for Santander and National Bank of Dubai, intellectual property acquisitions from Atari, software acquisitions and licensing for X2 Blockchain Games and high-value employment settlement negotiations on behalf of Universal Music and the University of London, contract negations on the Dubai Waterfront developments as well as policy work for the European Commission.

Irfan has contributed to matters of domestic and European policy through work with the Ministry of Justice, Home Office, and the London Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime.

Current member of the Law Society Human Rights International Action Team and Executive Board Member for the country’s most successful pro bono legal advice clinic, overseeing the delivery of £1.7 million of free legal advice and casework for those facing barriers accessing professional legal help.