EU Nationals & Family Members

  1. EU Nationals & Family Members

Under European law, EEA and Swiss nationals have the right to live, study and work in the UK, and may be accompanied by their dependent family members, whether or not their family members are themselves EEA or Swiss nationals.


In general, the rules that apply to the Non-EEA family members of British Nationals do not apply to the non-EEA family members of EEA nationals. We can advise you as to which application is appropriate and assist with its submission.We will complete all application forms and submit them on your behalf, along with the supporting evidence and our legal representations. We will liaise with the UK authorities until a decision on your EEA family permanent residency application is received.

A Residence Card is confirmation of right of residence for the non EEA family members of those EEA nationals who are exercising their treaty rights in one of the following ways: 


  • Working in the UK on PAYE basis.
  • Working as self-employed person.
  • Being self-sufficient and maintaining comprehensive sickness insurance.
  • Studying in the UK and maintaining comprehensive sickness insurance.

Once approved, the residence card is issued for a maximum of five years. Residence card holders get full rights of working in the UK and can apply for permanent residence upon completing five years of residence in accordance with the EEA regulations provided their EEA national family member continues to exercise their treaty rights in the UK.